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The Karuk Tribe publishes a quarterly newsletter to distribute to Karuk Tribal Membership. The newsletter features updates from Tribal Departments and Programs on upcoming events, activities, and services offered. Content is not limited and we encourage anyone who has information to submit articles for print.

Tribal Members & Descendants, if you have news, articles, events, or announcements that you wish to submit for publication in the Karuk Tribe's newsletter, Please reach out to for instructions on submission. All submissions must include your name and address as no anonymous articles will be accepted. Submissions are preferred in digital format (Instructions below); however, hard copies are also accepted by mailing articles to Karuk Tribe Newsletter Articles, PO Box 1016, Happy Camp, CA 96039.

The instructions and schedule for the 2022 Newsletter: Click here 

Dropbox Link: Click here

Make sure you mail articles early so they arrive in time to be printed. For more information on Newsletter Article Deadlines/Submissions please call (530)-493-1600 ext. 2009


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