Language Labels


Print and post these labels in your home or office to help learn the language.


Click on the Karuk word for the label in a Word document.


amkir  • N • table.

avaheeknívnaamich • N • pantry. [Literally: 'little food-house'.]

chivchak • N • door.

eeníthvar  • N • floor.  [Literally: 'board-mat'.]

îikam ihêerish ‘smoke outside’

ikakriha'ásip • N • refrigerator. [Literally: 'ice-box'.]

ikrívkir • N • chair. [Literally: 'sitting-implement'.]

ikxúrik  • N • paper, books.

ikxúrikar  • N • pen, pencil. [Literally: 'writing-instrument'.]

imníishram • N • cookstove.

íshaha • N • water; juice. [Literally: 'that which is drunk'.]

kusnáh'anamahach • N • clock, watch. [Literally: 'little sun'.]

pimustihváanar  • N • mirror, glass, window. [Literally: 'looking-at-oneself instrument'.]

puhara pa’ihêera ‘no smoking’

thiivríhva • N • wall.

thúrivraam, afikrívraam • N • out-house, toilet. [Literally: 'urine-house', 'excrement-house'.]

uhyanaváraar • N • telephone. [Literally: 'talking-through instrument'.]


Karuk Word Labels (from Tamara Alexander)



Classroom Language (from Phil Albers, Jr.



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