Notes from The Chairman:

Ayukii huut kich Tribal Membership,

Indian Country has come a long way. California today is home to the largest population of Native Americans in all fifty states. The Karuk Tribe is the second largest Tribe in California. The success of Tribal businesses and the rise of Tribal members in all walks of life today stand as testament to the resilience and enduring spirit of our Native peoples.

It has been an honor and privilege to represent The Karuk Tribe at meetings with other Tribal leaders and government officials. All of our programs need representation to ensure we receive grant monies for our programs. We will keep working hard to fund our programs that help Karuk families and their children.

We are entering into a new era, an era of self-sufficiency. Indian Country will continue to advocate for the federal government to live up to their trust responsibility but the Karuk Tribe will have the ability to diversify and branch out into other businesses. More than ever we are exercising our sovereignty. We have new consultation process that mandates that agencies must consult with Tribes in the area before starting any new projects. This will help in the protection of our sacred ceremonial sites and our culture.

New jobs, new homes and a new business. The construction of the new Karuk casino is scheduled to start in February 2016. Construction of over 30 new homes in Yreka will start in March of 2016. Aan Chuuphan (talking line) is the new Karuk internet business.

Please check our webpage, newsletter, or contact our offices for further information. There are many programs to help Tribal Members and descendants, we are always willing to help.

Yootva kura suva nik,
Chairman Attebery




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