watershed road decommissioning On November 1, 2002, the Karuk Watershed Restoration team, Forest Service Personnel and community members watched with jubilation as the gate was removed and the Steinacher Road Project reached completion. The Watershed Team had worked diligently for three full seasons to finally meet the goal set before them.The Tribal crew is exceedingly proud to have had the opportunity to repair a portion of the landscape of the Karuk Ancestral lands by decommissioning this road that was built in the late 1960s as a major log-haul road.

The objective of the project was to decrease the sedimentation caused from the road by removing approximately 187,000 cu.yds. of potential sediment, within the Wooley Creek watershed thereby securing the critically important Salmonid refugia from which to restore the Spring Chinook, coho salmon, petitioned Fall Chinook salmon and steelhead trout.

Available Video Documentation

Karuk 305(b)

Karuk Cultural & Ecosystem Restoration Program 1999 ( 221 MB )
Steinacher Project Update 2000 ( 175 MB )
Uknii-Karuk Fishing Rights ( 258 MB )

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