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Karuk Online Dictionary and Texts consists of a searchable Karuk/English dictionary with some sound recordings and photos, and a series of longer Karuk audio recordings and written texts.

Karuk Language Videos
were created by Tribal community members who participated in the our ANA-funded language documentation project. Teams of Elder Speakers and  Documentation Apprentices worked together to record and edot these videos.  Check back often - there are more videos to come!


Karuk Storytellers.org has Karuk Language Resources including links to other sites.


êeth píkva: The Story of Slug The Story of Slug is a collaborative project between the Karuk Language Class and the Art Class at Hoopa Valley High School in 2010. The story was recorded by the Karuk Language I, II, & III students. The artwork was done by Art I-II students. The video was put together by Phil Albers Jr. Click the link above to watch and listen.



Language Labels


Print and post these labels in your home or office to help learn the language.


Click on the Karuk word for the label in a Word document.


amkir  • N • table.

avaheeknívnaamich • N • pantry. [Literally: 'little food-house'.]

chivchak • N • door.

eeníthvar  • N • floor.  [Literally: 'board-mat'.]

îikam ihêerish ‘smoke outside’

ikakriha'ásip • N • refrigerator. [Literally: 'ice-box'.]

ikrívkir • N • chair. [Literally: 'sitting-implement'.]

ikxúrik  • N • paper, books.

ikxúrikar  • N • pen, pencil. [Literally: 'writing-instrument'.]

imníishram • N • cookstove.

íshaha • N • water; juice. [Literally: 'that which is drunk'.]

kusnáh'anamahach • N • clock, watch. [Literally: 'little sun'.]

pimustihváanar  • N • mirror, glass, window. [Literally: 'looking-at-oneself instrument'.]

puhara pa’ihêera ‘no smoking’

thiivríhva • N • wall.

thúrivraam, afikrívraam • N • out-house, toilet. [Literally: 'urine-house', 'excrement-house'.]

uhyanaváraar • N • telephone. [Literally: 'talking-through instrument'.]


Karuk Word Labels (from Tamara Alexander)



Classroom Language (from Phil Albers, Jr.



Language Activities



Check back for language activities.



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