TANF "Other Eligible" Assistance

 Requirements for an individual requesting “Other Eligible” assistance:

     1. Complete an “Other Eligible” Risk Assessment

     2. Complete a Participant Activity Request (for each child)

     3. Provide Proof of Tribal Membership

     4. Provide proof of Residence

     5. Provide Activity Flyer/Activity Registration

     6. Provide Activity Requirements (i.e.,uniform and or equipment)

Once the above information is received, verified and accepted or denied, you will be notified our decision. Until all documents are received our request will not be completed. This information must be received at least two weeks prior to the activity or event starting.

You can only be enrolled in one activity at a time.

If you would like a copy of the TANF risk assessment form please click on the following download link:

Risk Assessment (Per Family)                                                                  

Participant Activity Request (One per child)                                              

Risk Assessment - Fillable (One Per Family)

Participant Activity Request Fillable (One per Child)


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