Good Fire 2 Report Officially Released!


The Karuk Tribe’s Good Fire II Report addresses barriers to the expansion of cultural burning and prescribed fire in the United States and provides recommended solutions. 

Good Fire II builds on the original California-focused Good Fire report, published in 2021. Since its release, Good Fire has been widely cited by academics, lawmakers, and others as a key resource to help advocate and create the enabling conditions for increased use of good fire across California. This updated version takes the recommendations to a larger scale, calling for transformational change at both the state and federal levels, and providing a roadmap to revitalizing the relationship between humans and fire and the systems used to steward it.

Good Fire II was developed to complement the Biden-Harris Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission Report. Bill Tripp, Director of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy for the Karuk Tribe and co-author of Good Fire II, also served as the designated Tribal Government representative on the Commission. Good Fire II provides additional detail to support policy reforms necessary to implement the Commission’s more general recommendations, while supporting Tribal sovereignty and prioritizing Tribal leadership at all levels of stewardship and fire management.

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Click here for a copy of the Good Fire II Report

Click here for a copy of the Good Fire II Executive Summary


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