Karuk Tribe Council approves

Tribal Member/Descendent ARPA Construction Grant Fund &

Employee Disaster Assistance Program


On November 18, 2021 the Karuk Tribe Council voted to approve a program to aid Tribal Members, Descendants and Employees who lost their homes in the Slater Fire that occurred on September 8, 2020. The fire, which occurred in Happy Camp, destroyed over 200 homes and took two lives.

The Karuk Tribal Council is pleased to be able to provide this much needed assistance to our Tribal Community. This assistance will fill a critical piece of the puzzle for rebuilding the community of Happy Camp, where the Karuk Tribal Headquarters is located.”, said Buster Attebery, Karuk Tribal Chairman.

Program Purpose:

The purpose of the ARPA Construction Grant Program and Disaster Assistance Program is to reimburse or pay reasonable expenses incurred for replacement of a personal residence to the extent that the need for such repair or replacement is attributable to the Slater Fire.


This program was developed to defray the increase in costs of materials to rebuild homes lost in the Slater Fire in Happy Camp. Applicants are not required to purchase modular homes nor are they required to use “stick built” construction methods. Applicants are encouraged to seek assistance from local nonprofit agencies.


Who may apply for this program:

Eligibility is limited to the homeowner/homebuyer who occupied and lost the home they seek to replace in the Slater Fire on September 8, 2020 and who is one of the following:

  • Enrolled Karuk Tribal Member

  • Enrolled Karuk Tribal Descendants

  • Karuk Tribe or Tribal Entity Employee who has been continually employed since September 9, 2017.


Income Guidelines:

  • None.


Maximum amount of assistance:

Assistance is limited to a single allocation per household.

  • Up to $100,000 for Tribal Member or Descendent Member

  • Up to $50,000 for qualifying Tribal Employee.


Follow the links below for Program Policies and Application form:


  • Application Form- make sure you fill out completely, sign and date and return to:

Karuk Tribe Slater Fire Construction Assistance Program

Attn. Erin Hillman or Jaclyn Owensby

P O Box 1016

Happy Camp CA 96039



For additional information please call Erin Hillman or Jaclyn Owensby at 530-493-1600 extension 2004 or email



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