Studies, Reports and Resources

Karuk Traditional Ecological Knowledge and the Management of Spring Chinook Salmon Click here to access this report.
Karuk Climate Change Projects

Website with information on a variety of exciting DNR Projects. Click here to access.

kúkuum yáv nukyâati peethívthaaneen (We make the world good again)

Multimedia StoryMap detailing Karuk history and DNR restoration and protection efforts. Click here to view.

Good Fire Report prepared for the Tribe exploring barriers to cultural burning and prescribed fore in California. Click here to read
Catching Fire: Prescribed Burning in Northern CA Short film about prescribed burning in the Mid Klamath Region. Click here to view.
Karuk Tribe Climate Vulnerability Assessment Report assessing vulnerabilities from the increased frequency of high severity fire in the Mid Klamath region. Click here to read.
Karuk Tribe Climate Transportation Action Plan Report detailing transportation vulnerabilities in Karuk Aboriginal Territory and proposed adaptations. Click here to read
Karuk Traditional Knowledge and the Need for Knowledge Sovereignty

Report outlining the connection of tribal knowledge to cultural practices and highlighting the importance of Karuk sovereignty over traditional ecological knowledge. Click here to read.

WKRP Somes Bar Integrated Fire Management Project - Cultural Specialist Report

Discussion of Landscape Considerations and Traditional Stories underlying the Archaeological - Clutural Resources Survey work for the Western Klamath Restoration Partnership. Click here to read.

Klamath Basin Food Systems Assessment (Karuk Tribe Data)
A survey report about access to food for Tribal people in the Klamath basin. Click here to read.
Bring the Salmon Home Brief memo with background information on Klamath Dam Removal. Click here to read.
Karuk Alternative to Westside Recovery Project  Alternative timber plan prepared in response to the Klamath National Forest's Westside Fire Recovery Project. Click here to read


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