Cultural Activities Description

The Cultural Activities Program commits to enhancing and incorporating a Karuk cultural perspective into contemporary daily life while supporting and following the Karuk Tribal TANF mission statement. This includes Cultural practices and concepts as well as the Karuk language. The goal of the program is to offer TANF clients and Other Eligibles the opportunity to connect with their own Cultural Identity, while maintaining an emphasis on Karuk culture. 

This takes many forms and various methods from individual and family sessions to group projects and presentations. While TANF is more than happy to assist with Cultural integration and education, Federal regulations prohibit the program from supplanting other funding sources, therefore the program can only supplement current projects and activities outside of TANF. 

This program does NOT include direct religious teachings.

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Contact Info and Feedback

For feedback, questions or comments please contact:

Phil Albers Jr.


payôok pa'ararahih'ikxúrika. (Here is the language.)

pay hitíhaan vúra chúuphi. (Always talk this language.)


 vaa kári payâak pa'ahíshriihva, pishyavpîish kári papúva pathrih. That's when it's good to set fire, in the autumn when it hasn't rained yet.






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