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12/6/16 - View the construction site of the Rain Rock Casino LIVE!  Click the following link to view a camera that looks out on the land and the construction crew building the new Rain Rock Resort in Yreka.


Technical notes:  To view the camera use Internet Explorer or Firefox on a Windows computer.  You will need to install the video plug in to see the footage.

16 09 19 FERC surrender filing press release Page 1

The Karuk Tribe Presses Timber Plan In Court

The Karuk Tribe is aware of recent media regarding the Westside Project and writes to clarify to its membership that it has not organized any protests because it is currently involved in litigation over this matter. The Tribe’s official position, explaining why it is advocating for a collaborative plan which features sustainable logging and fishery protection, is explained in the attached statement.

Click here for the full press release


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